I think this generation is quite consistent with the purposes of the game EA has always been - the maximum close fifa 14 ios coins to the real game. So play the game when we must pay attention to attention like playing real football . like the rhythm of the game. pay attention to the extent of formation of keeping the players and the balance of the body.

Right now my personal specific examples.

I play the manager mode . because I wanted to experience the greatest degree of the new transfer system . so I chose the upstart Monaco open files . both money and the team have a lot of transformation space. The second season of my lineup is as follows ( the name is currently Overall value ) :

                              Begovic ( 86 )

Rapids Cech ( 83 ) Guevara ( 83 ) En Kalu ( 84 ) Krishna ( 81 )
                          Boge Ba ( 82 )
                                                Moutinho ( 85 )
James Rodriguez ( 86 ) Glasgow Neil ( 83 ) Mary ( 86 )
                              Falcao ( 90 )

This lineup to play the legendary default slider basic computer and you can win more than three goals are basically the ball more than 58 percent . it said the following on my experience in the operation.


In my lineup this attack is the most important part of the wing and fullback . and I take the tactics are winger cut inside . under the bottom edge guard tactics . Here the ability of individuals winger ball is relatively high . so the winger s Ball Control higher than a certain value . when I use Dimaliya内切基this is not the ball. after a selective effect unless they did not deal with endo relatively large . you can plug the middle can also points to plug backs . generally points to the side would be easier . and therefore backs the ability to pass on the more important . the Rapids Cech and Krishna are good at operation upload time if other restricted Azeri best lob pass ( pass key is to click ) . back in the other restricted Azeri best choice for small low-lying ground ball or pass the ball pass ( pass respectively Double-click the button and three times ) . of course. choose what is best way to pass depending on the current circumstances. this is just a generalization of it .

Sub-side is relatively simple. said here after the winger cut inside the ball to hit the middle of the experience is . Road to fight also in two ways: directly plug into the restricted area and cross to the striker or midfielder playmaker . Cypriot striker compare this thing to see the players own ball moves providers and forward capability . because the basic proper Zhisai on a moment . if you can plug directly past the keeper . if not Zhise good . basic on the ball lost. If the trench warfare of the Cypriot winger Zhise top center is best not used . because it is easy to be the first goalkeeper confiscated . even if it has not been confiscated goalkeeper center the ball from the air . such as removing the defender has also been forced to come up. Falcao general data center so that God can not do anything . because I was completely manual Zhise . not sure how to do it automatically Zhise . I usually aim is Zhisai when players move the ball in one direction suddenly kicker stuffed the ball in the other direction . as long as the striker moves in a timely manner can generally relatively few side defender to get the ball. Zhise just less play. Im more of a cross Road . where the need to mention that cross the middle when the middle if the other person is not much. it is best to use Zhise key. because the central players take up relatively easy and generally does not require stopping again be able to direct the ball very comfortable .

There are also some in the micro areas requiring attention :

1 . The middle the ball when the ball retaining key multi-use . less accelerator .

2 Whether or not the ball straight plug. straight plug can not use it to build a pass short pass key.

3 . Winger ball change direction when changing direction while pressing Player Run Modifier. so to be able to change direction relatively easy and there will be no errors.

4 Do not develop a short biography of each are holding down the Player Run Modifier allows players immediately rushed forward pass bad habits ( Ive had ) . two midfielders at least one in the backcourt collusion .

5 points underlined plagioclase midfield pass multi- altitude Zhisai .


Im here to talk about a few defensive purposes :

1 do not frequent the initiative on strong. because the ball is all the legendary computer Messi . Henry retaining the ball is .

2 Multi- called computer to help you grab your defense . Many defensive players are often highly motivated can help direct you off the ball down. like I always choose to control when defending Bo Geba . and then called me to grab Moutinho . because Moutinho defensive motivated . he often can directly grab the ball down .

3 Keep a good defensive formation . do not run with the ball . standing on the other side of the pass line on it. the ball is the other piece of the line between the players and his teammates on .

4 tackles this generation has improved a lot though . but still have to be used with caution . because once did shovel to FUT 14 PC Coins completely lose the defensive position .

5 goalkeeper to be good at attack. this move is often the last life-saving moves. my Begovic are used numerous times single-handedly blocked the attack .